Sunday, 9 August 2009

el tornament 2nd place for me

firstly sorry for not blogging in a while.
we have be rather busy in el tur. specifically organising and running our first very own windsurf competition/event.
the 'el tornament'.
catchy name eah.

we had lots of interest in the event with lots of talented competitors from egypt, slovina, russia and england taking the time to come and join in the action.

but some really good news for me was i managed to finish 2nd.
this i was really happy with as my first real event and it had given me the drive to do more.

it was a tougth fight to the final and i was sdailing well all day pulling off my tricks very consistasntly.
though i was helped with the odd dose of good luck at times. especially in the round against Kamal a very talented Egyption sailor working in dahab. unfortunatly for him his sail was slightly to small as the wind dropped for our heat. had it been blowing as hard as earlyer heats it could very easyly have been a different story. but i sailed well and was happy to go through.

in the semi final i was against my local rival max. he is the owner of the centre next door. it was a great round for both of us but i did enougth to edge through.
poor max though must have been a bit fatigued as he had to do a re run of his privious roud 3 times for tie break reasons.

in the final........... well all i can say is everything fell apart for me. i guess the fatigue got to me. i had been sailing brilliantly all day but in the final i spent the first 3 minutes swimming.
pity it was not a swimming comp as i might have won then.
i was disapointed with my performace in the final as i was just not up to my usual standard. but at the end of the day the winner Andraz Zan won hands down and i suspect would have even if i was on form as he was pulling off every trick in the book all day with power and style. it is easy to see how he won the event and fully deserved too.

over all it has left me with a really positive experience and has inspired me to push my limits harder and futher. i think ill be comeating again soon.

here are some shots from the event.

Monday, 6 July 2009

6-7-09 ponch

right so the last few weeks have been quieter out here in egypt so i had a little holiday.
i went over to dahab for a few days to catch up with a few friends and to try to get a few new moves under my belt.
i got my first "bob" while i was there. im really happy abput this as its quite tricky. but i have not had any more since so i guess i have to try more of them.

on returning home to el-tur we have had a few days of strong winds 4.3 - 4.7 weather and we managed to get up to the wave beach whitch was very nice and scored some awesome sessions down at "the point"
the photo i have atatched is a ponch (a barrel roll like flaka......or a cartwheel i suppose) taken down at the point.
thanks for danielle for takeing the photo.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


wow the last month and a bit has been mega busy for us out here in El-Tur. Including a special visit for me from the bray lake club. it was fantasic to see everyone, and also great to see how much progress was made with everyones ability.
the next month is looking quieter for us out here. (who knows why as summer time in egypt is awesome)we are expecting the typical egyption summer forecasts of wind wind and more wind. this should give me the chance to try and puch for a few more moves.
talking of new moves..... i have fallen in love with doing e-sliders onehanded they feel sick! every thing is doubleing up with my new speedy approach to the moves. flakas on the wrong side and my shaka are getting super consistant now. woohoo.
got some great water shots too thanks to danielle. hopefully will have the chance to get a few more pics up with my new logoed up sails

Sunday, 17 May 2009

summer time

after a chilly (by egyptoid standards) winter summer time has definatly arrived in egypt with the tempriture being easly 35+ on the windless days. phew! just as well this is egypt and for the summer the wind blows more consistantly and more often. meaning windsurfing in just the shots.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

13/5/09 some vid clips and update.

just working on a new vid at the moment.
i have been playing about with my kit lots recently, really tweeking the set up to push for some new moves. its helping . i seem to be going faster then before because of it allowing me to land some more tricks.

i have a link with some clips of some windsurfing of me.
this is a clip of a switch chachoo. (switch stance spock 540 were the intro jump combines a sail duck as the tail of the board pases through the wind) watch it and you will see.
this is a back loop from the wave beach.
ok the technique is a bit off but its the only clip of a back loop i have on film so it will have to do. :)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

sat 14 march 09

so we have had some south wind action providing awesome bump and jump conditions for two days. since then its been blowing everyday for 12 days in a row ........ awesome getting plenty of time on the water with the NEW SAILS.
here are some pics :)

Sunday, 1 March 2009


march starts with a bang!

winds been howling here in el-tur and we are getting some good on water time.
was a supprise this morning, i woke up t find that it had rained in the early hours and more supprisingly....theres snow on the mountain.....yup even snow in egypt.

unfourtunatly the camras broke. so no picci's to go with this moths post but hopefully should have a new one soon. oh,some new sails too but more details on that when they arrive later this week.